A Study of Visualizing the Characteristic of Capacitor and Gauss‘s Law by using LED

We suggest a new method to visualize the characteristic of capacitors and Gauss’s Law. We did experiments to confirm that the LED can visualize the electric field. And Based on these, we did experiments about various properties of capacitor and Gauss’s law by the intensity of LED’s light in capacitor. In conclusion, we have shown that LED light can show the intensity and the direction of electric field, created by the capacitance of the capacitor and the applied voltage, using the illuminance and color of the LED. Furthermore, we could qualitatively visualize the characteristics of the capacitor and Gauss’ Law for Electric Field by using these LEDs. By solving the existing problems in the usual way, we have found a more effective way for students to understand electromagnetism.

Scientific field



South Korea


Been Seo
Minho Bae

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