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Aggregated Drip Infusion System

Israel, Medicine

As part of their treatment, many Hospitalized patients receive multiple drugs intravenously using a Drip Infusion system. Today, when a set of drug is prescribed, for each drug the medical staff must set up a drip infusion for that...


A Tool for The Mind

Engineering, Hungary

Every 40th person on the world lives with a physical disability. The common people can control their body and muscles consciously only by their brain. I wanted to make a device that also uses the brain to control the cursor on a PC, an...



Computing, Hungary

The integration of deaf-mute people in our everyday life has been always a challenge for our society. Our educational application Mutasd! opens the door to anybody to easily learn to communicate with deaf-mute people. The application...


Fuel extracted from plastic

Egypt, Environment

World faces the problem of garbage and others are fading like plastic so we have devised solution that can get rid of plastic in a safe manner including the plastic organic materials of hydrocarbon of long chains which can be scrapping...


Turbine-Driven Engine

Egypt, Engineering

Due to the exponential increasing demand for benzene in the world incorporated by the threat on human health associated with vehicle’s exhaust in addition to benzene rising cost, the situation is exacerbating worse day by day. However,...


Propeller efficiency

Belgium, Physics

With our project, we want to investigate the efficiency of propellers. To do that, we made a construction so we can calculate the power of the propeller and the power of the engine. If we divide the power of the propeller with the...


Heat pipes

Belarus, Engineering

Technologies are constantly developing, producing more and more powerful CPUs, which produce more and more heat. This heat needs to be allocated somewhere, as divces start to work unstable due to the overheat and break down faster....


Geneces – Cloud EcoSystem

Belarus, Computing

Geneces is a cross-platform project enabling any user to improve considerably hardware and software capabilities of their devices through the use of remote computing power. The client device receives only the result of software work in...



Austria, Chemistry

The aim of the project was to create a process which could recycle electronic waste completely, economically and environmentally friendly. With data collected from the experiments our process was modified. Our process reclaims metals,...


Intelligent Planting

Bulgaria, Engineering

Nowadays, small and medium agricultural enterprises use a substantial amount of resources for the processing, monitoring and control of their land. According to Eurostat Statistics about half of the irrigable area (6.2% out of 11.3%)...