Detecting differences among brain waves between thinking and performing an action for use in responsive programming

In this project we used an EEG headset to get readings from multiple people when either performing or thinking about performing certain actions. Machine learning is a method that trains the computer after being given certain information. We used a website to access a specific package of machine learning called TensorFlow. The website explains how it all works, what to download, and how to set it all up. Once the training is done and enough data has been recorded and processed, it is ready to be used in real life applications. Controlling objects and softwares around you with your mind has many applications in the real world. With this sort of technology, you can explore the world and save or better more lives, making the quality of life better and increasing safety for those around us.

Scientific field





Ingibjörg Sóley Einarsdóttir
Lilja Ýr Guðmundsdóttir

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