An Investigation into the Effects of Enzymes used in Animal Feed Additives on the Lifespan of Caenorhabditis Elegans

Our project deals with environmental protection. We have investigated what effects the enzymes found in animal feed additives have on the soil nematode C. elegans . Following the culturing of C. elegans in the presence of βglucanase, xylanase and phytase, behavioural assays were performed. It was observed that βglucanase and phytase alter sensory abilities, while all shorten lifespan. Once such organisms come in contact with these enzymes in the soil, their efficiency in the ecosystem decreases. In the long term, the fertility of soils where impaired decomposer organisms exist may reduce. Ideally, this enzyme addition to animal feed should be ceased and organically reared chickens promoted, as over 90 % of the European agricultural industry uses enzymes for poultry growth enhancement.

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Diana Bura
Maria Louise Fufezan

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