Lung-on-a-chip Device

Lung-on-a-chip Device is based on Organs-on-chips technology, which originated at the University of Harvard in 2010, with the creation of Lung-on-a-chip.
The Device perfectly simulates the environment of a human alveolus. When human epithelial and endothelial cells are bred on the chip and after they are subjected to physiological conditions, they generate organ-level responses. Therefore, the Device enables to create an artificial organ, a micromodel of a lung.
I present a cheaper, more accurate and more accessible version of the Harvardian chip. My method can enable the Lung-on-a-chip to be used in an average European laboratory and, more importantly, in hospitals.
It can decrease the time needed to identify a suitable therapy against lung diseases and prepare patient-tailored treatments.

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Maciej Marcel Mańka

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