Determination of bioavailable calcium in eggshell

A residue of no importance to a developed country such as eggshells, may have an indisputable value in countries where malnutrition has a massive impact. In a world where globalization is the reality, we are all responsible for one another and a simple action for us can benefit someone’s life. We determined the amount of bioavailable calcium in the eggshell and created a supplement rich in calcium, which supplies for one’s daily needs according to the age. We demonstrate there are clear advantages in consuming organic eggs instead of aviary eggs, as the former shows an average of 88% bioavailable calcium and the latter only 48%. We turned eggshells, a waste until now worthless, into a valuable asset in the fight against diseases such as rickets and osteoporosis.

Scientific field





Nelya Kril
Margarida Ribeiro de Sousa
Henrique Miguel da Rocha Gonçalves

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