Diffusion compensation by anticipation

The project’s singularity lies in the fact that it is a real research project, both on a fundamental point of view as well as its applications. The cornea dystrophy is a disease where the cornea presents white spots which develop over time (Figure 1). These spots create a diffusion which can hinder vision. Unlike in the cataract sickness, the only treatment which exists is the cornea transplant. But this transplant is always rejected, within 6 months to 20 years. A child affected by this disease will be blind by his 50’s in the best case after 2 transplants. Our idea is to create active glasses which would allow these patients to see with their diffusing cornea.
Our problematic is : Can we treat an image so that it counteracts diffusion before being diffused ?

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Alexis Nabil BOSSARD
Florent Alexis BAUBET

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