Complex of technical devices and software “HoF” (“Hand of Friend”) for using in laboratory works with disabled children (visually or hearing impaired)

Nowadays, small and medium agricultural enterprises use a substantial amount of resources for the processing, monitoring and control of their land. According to Eurostat Statistics about half of the irrigable area (6.2% out of 11.3%) is actually being irrigated. Thus, there is a substantial niche for engineering solutions, aimed at the automatisation of the process.

Intelligent planting is a product which aims at facilitating the work of the people in the field of agriculture. The system provides monitoring and control of potted plants, gardens, greenhouses, etc. The device planted in the cultivated area has three built-in sensors which monitor air temperature, soil humidity and light intensity. The irrigation system connected to the hardware can be controlled automatically and manually.

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Daria Alexandrovna Bereychuk

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