H2O2 future fuel

Air pollution and running out of fuel are two of the major global problems, that’s according to WHO reports in 2014 that in 2012 (7 millions) premature deaths are attributed to air pollution. According to the International Energy Agency world energy outlook 2014 that 66% of the world’s electricity is generated from non-renewable sources. The idea of this project is to replace the steam boiler used in thermal power plants and many industrial fields with Hydrogen Peroxide that decomposes exothermically in presence of catalyst producing oxygen and steam with
temperature that differs according to the concentration of H2O2 from 100 ºC at 65% concentration to 1000 ºC at 100% giving output close to the boiler’s output but without polluting the environment and using renewable cheaper source.

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Nour Darwish
Ahmed kassem

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