Inhibiting the replication of Chikungunya virus replicon particles with antiviral agents, and a traditional herbal tincture Carmol Drops

Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) belongs to the alphavirus genus and is transmitted by mosquitoes. It has spread from the tropics to all continents except Antarctica. Recent cases of CHIKV infection have been reported in Arabia, the United States, Mexico, and even Italy. The virus causes excruciating joint pain lasting for months or even years after the infection. There is neither a vaccine nor a cure. The aim of this study was to find a compound that points towards a potential cure. More promising than the antivirals were Carmol Drops, inhibiting the infection completely in medium concentrations. The herbal compound in the drops may be capable of inhibiting CHIKV infection and testing this could subsequently result in drugs with higher concentrations of this compound to cure CHIKV infection.

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Maris Sala

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