Aggregated Drip Infusion System

As part of their treatment, many Hospitalized patients receive multiple drugs intravenously using a Drip Infusion system. Today, when a set of drug is prescribed, for each drug the medical staff must set up a drip infusion for that drug followed by a saline flush for washing the system in order to prevent interaction between the various drugs. As a result, the treatment is cumbersome, takes up the medical staff’s precious time and increases the chance of human error. We have developed an Aggregated Drip Infusion system prototype which can automatically administer several drugs one after the other, transferring Saline flush between the drugs. Thanks to our aggregated drip infusion system which we call “Infusion Combo”, multi drug administration can be improved.

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Tal cohen
Yuval Feldman
Amalya Ben Asher

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